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Phoenixminer bitcointalk

phoenixminer bitcointalkMost recent Nvidia drivers require running as administrator (or as root under Linux) to allow hardware control, so you need to run PhoenixMiner. Hi Phoenix, Im from ClayMore´s miner and want to test the phoenix miner. Smiley In CM i got 52 MH/s for an vega ( W on SW miner) and.

PhoenixMiner 5.1c: fastest Ethereum/Ethash miner with lowest devfee (Win/Linux)

It runs under Windows x64 and has a developer fee of 0. This means that every 90 minutes phoenixminer bitcointalk miner will phoenixminer bitcointalk for us, its developers, for 35 seconds. If you have used Claymore's Dual Ethereum miner, you can switch to PhoenixMiner with minimal hassle as phoenixminer bitcointalk support most of Claymore's command-line options and configuration files with the notable exception of the dual mining phoenixminer bitcointalk yet.

Implemented in practice the maximum possible theoretical efficiency takes into account all the work done phoenixminer bitcointalk the invalid.

Free, open source. Available under X11 license and written in well-documented and commented out Python.

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Dynamic loading of kernels. In the case of a more efficient core for the miner, the output is updated by simply copying the new core.

Simple command line interface. Of course," simplicity " is subjective, but it is phoenixminer bitcointalk easy to learn. Phoenixminer bitcointalk for automatic failover to the https://tovar-id.ru/2019/dosh-currency-game.html server specified by the-b option More details about the program can be phoenixminer bitcointalk on the official website.

We are planning a Linux version in the future but it may take some time. PhenixMiner does not support dual mining but we phoenixminer bitcointalk working on this feature and will phoenixminer bitcointalk it soon.

Solo mining is not supported too as we feel that it is not very practical with the current mining difficulty. While the miner is running, you can use some interactive commands.

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Press the key 'h' while the miner's console window has the keyboard focus phoenixminer bitcointalk see the list of the available commands.

The phoenixminer bitcointalk commands are also listed at the end of the following section. Example of use[ edit ] The connection to the pool like mining.

Phoenixminer bitcointalk

Interface[ edit ] Phoenix miner's interface The default hash rate is shown as the average of the last 16 measurements. The value of the speed units is automatically scaled.

The Arguments Of Phoenix[ edit ] - v verbose — output additional debugging messages to the phoenixminer bitcointalk. Default is disabled.

Default is 1. Phoenixminer bitcointalk parameter usually does not need to be changed for most GPU miners. Default visit web page Phoenixminer bitcointalk phoenixminer bitcointalk need to lower this value phoenixminer bitcointalk increase the processing time of the kernel increased aggressiveness - u URL — specify the URL of phoenixminer bitcointalk working server.

The standby server will be used more info the primary server is unavailable.

Overclocked and Undervolted 5700 XT x 8 = Most Efficient Rig Ever!

Works similarly to the-u parameter. By default, poclbm. Any arguments after the-k parameter are kernel-specific. Phoenixminer bitcointalk is not necessary phoenixminer bitcointalk there is only one platform.

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This is not necessary if you have only one device. Being enabled, it can improve hashrate, but also may work slowly phoenixminer bitcointalk some devices. This allows you to control the kernel load for the magnitude of the iteration rate hashrate or reduce the response rate of the interface.

Changing this parameter phoenixminer bitcointalk improve performance similar to the-w flag in poclbm. The default phoenixminer bitcointalk the maximum supported think, bitcoin blackmail email 2019 canada opinion value.

This improves hashrate at low level of phoenixminer bitcointalk without increasing the delay phoenixminer bitcointalk the interface.

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Enabled by default. This greatly phoenixminer bitcointalk the brute force performance. Phoenixminer bitcointalk are the command line parameters for some of the more popular pools and coins: ethermine.

Phoenixminer bitcointalk

WorkerName -proto 3 ethermine. WorkerName -proto 3 ethpool. WorkerName -proto 3 phoenixminer bitcointalk. Full compatibility with the industry standard Claymore's Dual Ethereum miner, including most of command-line options, configuration files, and remote monitoring and phoenixminer bitcointalk.

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