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Vertcoin roadmap 2019

vertcoin roadmap 2019in order to determine a Vertcoin price prediction for December are there any roadmap achievements mentioned on its official site. votes, 14 comments. Roadmap New multi-platform Lightning based wallet incl. stealth + atomic swaps Vertwallet (temporary iOS wallet) .

Steve Walters vertcoin roadmap 2019 April 21, VeChain is one of the foremost supply chain focused blockchain vertcoin roadmap 2019 currently out there. They are getting quite a bit of attention since their main-net launch.

This was the mainnet launch that vertcoin roadmap 2019 them release their native VET tokens that have seen increasing volume across a number of exchanges. However, VeChain is not alone in its supply chain focus and there are a number of companies and projects that have launched recently.

So, with so much competition, is VeChain vertcoin roadmap 2019 worth considering? In this VeChain review I will attempt to answer that.

Vertcoin the NEXT 100x Coin

I will also analyse the use cases for the VET token and its potential for eventual mass adoption. What is VeChain? VeChain is an interesting spin on the uses of blockchain technology. Started init is focused on business applications, primarily in the logistics field through supply chain management that provides tracking, quality control, inventory management, and much more.

The mainnet for VeChain was launched back in Juneand the project has pushed forward strongly since, vertcoin roadmap 2019 many vertcoin roadmap 2019 into the Staked ecosystem.

VeChain Entire Technology Stack. Image via VeChain It has become a part of the Price Waterhouse Cooper incubation program, vertcoin roadmap 2019 working on a proof of concept with BMW and Renault, and has recently partnered with Australian winemaker Click at this page to provide proof of authenticity for their wines being delivered to China.

The VeChain project has continued to forge ahead nonetheless, bringing new partnerships onboard, starting new pilot programs, and growing in the business space. Proof of Authority vertcoin roadmap 2019. Once a node becomes authorized it joins the pool of other authorized nodes and each has an equal chance of publishing new blocks and receiving rewards.

Under this system the rich nodes have no advantages, and there is no requirement for nodes to compete with one another and use vast amounts of resources. The PoA system also features efficient bandwidth usage, which leads to higher throughput for the network.

This equates to a greater number of transactions per second and increases the scalability of the network.

Benefits of Proof of Authority at Vechain Although PoA has obvious advantages, and the VeChainThor blockchain continues to operate efficiently and securely, there are remaining limitations to this consensus method.

One of these limitations is an inability to prevent a node from manipulating the entire system when it has the right to add a new block.

Check this out there are ways the blockchain can trace any misbehavior and use it as evidence against the node later. Additionally, as part of the family of Nakamoto consensus methods, PoA only gives us a probabilistic assurance that transactions are secure.

This could leave the network vulnerable to vertcoin roadmap 2019 network partitioning. Because of these limitations the VeChain Foundation is working on the next generation of Proof of Authority, which they are calling PoA 2.

Segwit activation litecoin vertcoin wallet behind

This new version of PoA will give the network the stability and security needed to support the growing number of business use cases on-chain. According to the VeChain Whitepaper 2. VeChain Governance and VeVote Recently VeChain has also updated its governance model in oder to meet the needs of large enterprises, regulators, vertcoin roadmap 2019 government while maintaining its ability to scale.

The new system was released this past November 11,and it gives VeChain click to see more flexible governance model that will allow for rapid changes vertcoin roadmap 2019 needed.

In addition VeChain also introduced the VeVote platform as a way to increase governance transparency.

VeVote is a decentralized voting platform and was adopted by a Steering Committee vote of on December 13, The approval of the VeVote platform has also opened it up for use in voting by stakeholders. The voting is done via VeVote smart contracts vertcoin roadmap 2019 the result will be recorded on the VeChainThor blockchain.

VeChain Partnerships VeChain recognizes the importance of having an established business and client base, and with that in mind has been very active in creating partnerships.

Through the end of the second quarter ofthere are no less than 31 partners which VeChain is working on pilots with, any of which could lead to a breakthrough and wider adoption of the blockchain.

Vertcoin roadmap 2019

And they continue adding new partnerships. Vertcoin roadmap 2019 of new partners vertcoin roadmap 2019 clients is handled quite smoothly by VeChain since they operate on a Blockchain-as-a-Service model, and set up all the infrastructure for ltc price prediction 2019, including any necessary customization.

Pirating of these types of products is widespread, especially in China and Southeast Asia. VeChain has also been working with DNV GL to increase the transparency of products from the factory or farm to the consumer. All this is accomplished by simply scanning a QR code on the wine bottle.

Another valuable partnership is the one with Chinese automaker Vertcoin roadmap 2019, where VeChain has been working on vertcoin roadmap 2019 proof of concept for handling carbon emission imbalances.

This partnership is working on building a dApp that will track and record the emissions data of millions of cars, buses, trains, and other vehicles onto the public VeChain blockchain. Not vertcoin roadmap 2019 these partnerships are helping VeChain grow, although vertcoin roadmap 2019 does remain smaller than major players such as Ethereum and EOS, vertcoin roadmap 2019 have more highly developed dApp ecosystems, with greater click at this page of games and other applications.

The Foundation is governed by the Steering Committee, which is elected every two years and is currently represented by the project founders. He has vertcoin roadmap 2019 a decade of experience working for Fortune companies in executive IT positions. Prior to working at VeChain he was employed at Deloitte and prior to that he spent more than a dozen years with PwC.

He was responsible for the design of the VeChain vertcoin roadmap 2019 framework. He came to VeChain with over 12 years of experience working at PwC. He has amassed over patents in the mobile communication field.

Mainnets and Token Swaps - March 2019

VET and VTHO Token Economics VeChain is the type of blockchain which uses a dual token economic model in order to avoid the cost of transactions increasing vertcoin roadmap 2019 the value of the token rises.

In the case of VeChain, there is a VET token used for speculation on exchanges and governance of the blockchain. Users can increase the number of VTHO vertcoin roadmap 2019 for a transaction in order to increase its priority on the network.

Image via Vechain Whitepaper Both tokens here drastically different in terms of the function they serve, total supply, and inflation. By using a dual token model such as this the network fees are kept please click for source from the potential volatility in the price of the VET token, which in turn makes the blockchain more suitable for business and enterprise uses.

One side effect of this is vertcoin roadmap 2019 it should increase demand for VET as the network usage grows. Besides generating small amounts of VTHO it is possible to generate much larger amounts by running nodes to help support the network.

There are three types of nodes in use, and each requires a vertcoin roadmap 2019 amount of VET. Authority Nodes These nodes participate click here in consensus and require a minimum of 25 million VET. In addition, the owners of authority nodes must be able to prove they are able to make a significant contribution to the VeChain ecosystem as well as passing stringent KYC measures.

VET Price Performance. There is strong volume on these exchanges which is more than I have seen for other coins of a similar market cap. This means that liquidity could be quite concentrated and hence is dependent on these two exchanges.

Taking a closer look at the individual order books it appears as if they are pretty robust. They are quite deep and there is a reasonable amount of daily turnover.

We all know the risks that come from keeping tokens on large centralised exchanges. We actually have a post on the best VeChain wallets. Perhaps your best bet for storage ought to be a secure hardware wallet. Traditional Competition While the threats from blockchain projects are currently minimal, there are players in the traditional technology sector that do pose a real threat vertcoin roadmap 2019.

One of these is IBM, who have partnered with the shipping giant Maersk to create a global shipping management blockchain platform.

This platform has attracted great interest already and has nearly companies on-board, including ocean transport companies, logistics companies, ports, and others. Vertcoin roadmap 2019 Source IBM has also begun work with Walmart and Unilever to uncover new areas of the supply chain that can benefit from blockchain technology.

SAP is also entering the blockchain logistics space and is working with shipping vertcoin roadmap 2019 pharmaceutical companies to create a blockchain-based supply chain tracking system.


SAP is another huge global player vertcoin roadmap 2019 massive resource and an extensive customer base to draw upon. The vertcoin roadmap 2019 recent addition to traditional competition is read more from the world-famous auto manufacturer BMW.

BMW Part Chain overview.

Vertcoin roadmap 2019

Image via BMW It has plans to roll out its blockchain supply chain solution to 10 of its suppliers sometime in This will be beneficial in vertcoin roadmap 2019 complex supply chains employed by BMW, where components are sourced from multiple international suppliers.

This occurred on December 13 and was immediately noticed by the Foundation, who jumped into action to investigate the unusual transaction. They checked the security of other vertcoin roadmap 2019, and informed exchanges to try to mitigate the damage to the economy of VET.

Eventually it was found that the hack was made possible through human error and the mismanagement of a vertcoin roadmap 2019 key by a staff member at the VeChain Foundation.

There was a tool created to track the stolen funds and blacklist the addresses holding them.

Litecoin roadmap 2017 / 2018

Announcement of VET Hack. Image via Twitter A vote of community members was taken to ask if the tokens should be burnt and passed overwhelmingly, taking these tokens from circulation and effectively discouraging future similar hacking attempts.

The community responded very positively to the vertcoin roadmap 2019 taken by VeChain to contain the hack and ensure the security of the blockchain and assets.

However there were some who expressed concerns regarding the obviously centralized nature of the project and the potential for collusion between the anonymous nodes, which could lead to blacklisting of addresses for the wrong reasons.

VeChain Opportunities and Threats While VeChain is targeting several different markets, its core focus remains on the supply chain and logistics industries. It has also been developing its smart contract functionality and has its eyes on delivering Internet of Things solutions.

The focus on the supply chain industry makes sense, as this is a massive, multi-billion industry that vertcoin roadmap 2019 benefit immensely from the addition of blockchain technology. VeChain has already forged several partnerships with luxury brands to develop blockchain tracking systems that will serve to maintain vertcoin roadmap 2019 authenticity of products, whether that be luxury handbags, premium wines, or the service history of automobiles.

Vertcoin roadmap 2019

This tiny chip can be embedded in vertcoin roadmap 2019 product, and consumers are then able to scan products with their smartphone to confirm their authenticity. Oddly, the biggest threat vertcoin roadmap 2019 for VeChain is not other blockchain projects, although there is some competition from that direction, but rather from traditional companies.

Vertcoin Price Predictions 2019-2025

Given that VeChain is an open source project it may make sense to go into their public code repositories. This can give you a good idea vertcoin roadmap 2019 just how much work is being done on the protocol. Hence, I decided to dive into the VeChain GitHub and take a look at the coding activity in their repos.

Below is the commit activity on two of their vertcoin roadmap 2019 active repos over the past year.

Talking Blockchain with DigiByte Ambassador Josiah Spackman

Commits over past 12 months for Select Repos As you can vertcoin roadmap 2019 there has been a vertcoin roadmap 2019 low level of activity.

This is below average for some of the other projects that I have covered. There are a further 35 repositories out there although these also have low vertcoin roadmap 2019 of activity. Looking forward, there are quite a few things that one can look forward to.

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