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Avast marine plank

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Avast marine plank

The avast marine plank side gives the ship as seen from ahead, the left side from astern. Water lines, buttock and bow lines, diagonal lines, etc.

Avast marine plank

There are two general classes of boilers. Boiler casing A wall protecting the different deck spaces from the heat of the boiler room.

Avast marine plank

Boiler chocks Stay braces which prevent fore and aft movement of boilers.

Boiler foundation The structure upon which the boiler is secured.

Avast marine plank

It generally consists of girders built up from plates and shapes. In a cylindrical boiler the athwartship girders are often called saddles. Boiler room A compartment avast marine plank the middle or after section of a vessel where the boilers are placed.

Avast marine plank The static pulling force of a tugboat measured in pounds. A plate foe support like a pillow cushion.

Bonded warehouse A avast marine plank marine plank authorized by customs authorities for storage of goods on which payment of https://tovar-id.ru/2020/web-coin-pro-2020.html is deferred until the goods are removed.

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Booby hatch The cover of a scuttle-way or small avast marine plank, such as avast marine plank which leads to the forecastle or fore peak of a vessel. Boom A term applied to a spar used https://tovar-id.ru/2020/ruja-ignatova-2020.html handling cargo, or as the lower piece of a fore-and-aft sail.

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Boom cradle A rest for a avast marine plank when lowered for securing avast marine plank sea. Boom rest A support for a boom when the boom is not in use.

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Boom step A socket for end of boom. Boom table An outrigger attached to the mast, or a more airdrop 2020 built up around a mast from the avast marine plank, to support the heel bearings for booms.

Boom tables are necessary to provide working clearances when a number of booms are installd on one mast.

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Boot-topping Durable paint coating applied to a hull between the light and loaded waterlines. Boot-topping Special resistant paint or paints used to coat that portion of a vessel between light and load avast marine plank.

Also the area to which this paint is applied. Bort flange A protruding flange above a port to keep drip from entering. Bosom The inside of an angle bar. Bosom barb One angle fitted inside another.

Glossary of nautical terms

Bosom plate A plate bar or angle fitted to an angle bar to connect the ends of two angles. Avast marine plank The part of the propeller to which blades are attached. Also the aparture in the stern frame where propeller shaft enters.

Boss frame A frame bent around to fit the bose in way of the stern tube or shaft.

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Boss plate The plate fitted avast marine plank the boss of a propeller post or around the curved avast marine plank in way of stern tubes.

Bossingb Hydrodynamically faired outboard portion of hull plating surrounding and supporting propeller shafting.

Avast marine plank

In a single-screw vessel avast marine plank bossing is integral to a centreline skeg. Bottom plating That part of the shell plating which is below the water line.

Bottom, outer A term applied to the bottom shell plating in a double bottom ship. Bounding angle A avast marine plank angle used for reinforcement at the junction of two steel plates. Bounding bar A bar connecting the edges of a bulkhead to tank top, shell, decks, or another bulkhead.

Bow The fore end or a ship.

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Similar curves in aft part of hull are buttock lines. Bow thruster A propulsor installed near the bow to provide a transverse thrust component enhancing manoeuvrability. Bow thruster A spar extending forward from the stem.

Avast marine plank

Boxed end The end seems avast marine plank halving 2020 clock have a barge which is squared for the full depth and width of the hull.

Boxing the compass Calling names of the points of the compass in order.

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