- 16.01.2020

Tron airdrop 2020

tron airdrop 2020Tron Airdrop of June - Claim free EXY crypto tokens with tovar-id.ru Find the best Verified Free cryptocurrency Airdrops! Max. Participants. Unlimited. Show all expired airdrops. Previous Airdrops: TRON Airdrop July Airdrop ended ; Tokens per Claim: ; Max.

A total of 16 Airdrops have been carried out to incentivize the use of BitTorrent Speed.

Tron airdrop 2020

The team at BitTorrent has defined the tron airdrop 2020 program as a success. The remaining BTT will be reserved as rewards for the BitTorrent community to encourage participation in distributed file storage, seeding and transmission activities.

The team at Tron airdrop 2020 further clarified that their goal tron airdrop 2020 been met and defined it as a success as a tron airdrop 2020 of BitTorrent Speed enjoying over 12 million active users.

Tron airdrop 2020

Therefore, BTT airdrops will be discontinued effective immediately. Below is a Tweet from the BitTorrent team making the announcement.

Tron airdrop 2020

The exact number was At the time of writing this, The remaining tron airdrop 2020 Billion tron airdrop 2020 be reserved as rewards for the BitTorrent tron airdrop tron airdrop 2020 to encourage their participation in distributed file storage, seeding and transmission to watch 2020. Further details will be provided in the near future by the team at BitTorrent.

Others saw tron airdrop 2020 was too quick of a move without notifying TRX holders. Hahahahaha — LuckVoltia Wow guys, way to pull the rug out from under your investors!

Tron airdrop 2020

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