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Electrum payment system ltd

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Electrum payment system ltd

The purpose of the Extension Amendment and the Trust Amendment is to allow Electrum more time to complete an initial business combination. In the event that Electrum enters into a definitive agreement for please click for source href="https://tovar-id.ru/account/paypal-account-number.html">click the following article business combination prior to the evades electrum payment system ltd meeting, Electrum will issue a press release and file a Electrum payment system ltd 8-K with the Securities and Exchange Commission announcing the proposed business combination.

Our sponsor has informed us that it does not intend to continue to make these contributions for any period after June 5, If the Extension Amendment and the Trust Amendment are approved by the requisite vote of shareholders and not abandoned electrum payment system ltd, the remaining public shareholders will retain their right to redeem their public shares for their pro rata portion of the funds available in the trust account upon consummation of the business combination when it is submitted to the shareholders.

Electrum payment system ltd

In such event, Electrum may need to obtain additional funds to complete a business combination electrum payment system ltd there can be no assurance that such funds will be electrum payment system ltd on terms acceptable to the parties or at all.

As a consequence of electrum payment system ltd waivers, a liquidating distribution will be made only with respect to the public shares. In the event that an executed waiver is deemed to be unenforceable against a third party, ESOF will not be responsible to the extent of any liability for such third party claims.

Electrum payment system ltd

However, ESOF may not be able to satisfy those obligations. None of our officers or directors will indemnify us for claims by third parties including, without limitation, claims by vendors and prospective target businesses.

We have not independently verified whether ESOF has sufficient funds to satisfy its indemnity obligations.

Electrum payment system ltd

We believe the likelihood of ESOF having to indemnify the trust account is limited because we electrum payment system ltd electrum payment system ltd to have all vendors and prospective target businesses as well as other entities execute agreements electrum payment system ltd us waiving any right, title, interest or claim more info href="https://tovar-id.ru/account/buy-old-g-suite-account.html">continue reading any kind see more or to monies held in the trust account.

Electrum payment system ltd any liquidation link of the company under British Virgin Islands law, the funds held in our trust account may be included in our estate and subject to the claims of third parties with priority over the claims of our shareholders.

Electrum payment system ltd

To the extent electrum payment system ltd such claims deplete the trust account we may not be able to return to our public shareholders the redemption amounts payable to them. The remainder of such electrum payment system ltd shall read more in the trust account and be available for use by Electrum to complete a business combination on or before the Extended Date.

Holders of public shares who do electrum payment system ltd redeem their public shares now, will retain their redemption rights and their ability to vote on a business combination through the Extended Date if the Extension Amendment is approved.

Electrum payment system ltd

At the time the Extension Amendment electrum payment system ltd Trust Amendments become effective, Electrum will amend the trust electrum payment system ltd agreement to i permit the withdrawal of the Withdrawal Amount from the trust account and ii extend the date on which the trustee will liquidate the trust account to the Extended Date.

The record date for the special meeting is May 7, Record holders of Electrum shares at the close of business on the record date are entitled to vote or have their votes cast at electrum payment system ltd special meeting. On the record date, there https://tovar-id.ru/account/comment-utiliser-rl-insider.html 17, outstanding Electrum ordinary shares, including 12, outstanding public shares.

Electrum payment system ltd

This proxy statement contains important information about the special meeting and the proposals. Please read it carefully and vote your shares.

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