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Psn account jacking method

psn account jacking methodThis is not my method, I just found it somewhere on the internet and thought I would share it with you guys. Note: The account has to be a USA. Embed Tweet. Dm us for an account tell us what you want and we got you! Embed Tweet. Selling PSN Jacking Method w/ Inactive PSN Tool / Region Checker!

Two-factor authentication, where after entering psn account jacking method password the user is asked to paste a randomly generated code sent to an email account or device of their choosing, is one of the easiest steps one can take.

It means an intruder requires access to your device or multiple accounts.

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Microsoft added two-factor to Psn account jacking method Live in Two-factor authentication psn account jacking method enough for most people, though increasingly, companies are offering more complex security layers, including dedicated authentication apps.

I use Authy. Until this point, what Justin was experiencing was annoying but tolerable.

Psn account jacking method

The two-factor notifications told him people were trying to gain access, but all he had to do was change his PSN password. Things changed last link, however, when he was getting ready for school.

Please be careful, you don't have that protection. I knew I was psn account jacking method.

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I tried to log in, but psn account jacking method wouldn't let me log in, so I called Sony. Justin pressed on. After logging in, the name associated with the account not the username had changed.

Psn account jacking method

It's never gotten this far, but it was probably psn account jacking method one-off. Sony said they'd keep an eye on it. I have a new email address.

PSN Jacking Method

I have a new password. Everything should be fine. When Justin woke up the next morning, it was psn account jacking method Groundhog Day; another psn account jacking method message saying two-factor had been flipped off.

Psn account jacking method

After calling Sony, he learned the damage was more serious: whoever hijacked the account changed the email psn account jacking method it was associated with, punched in a new password, and set up their own form of two-factor for a phone number.

Though the representatives confirmed Justin was the account holder, it was psn account jacking method, as Justin psn account jacking method it, out of their hands. Psn account jacking method team was supposed to contact him in three days with more information.

He deleted the text messages before I'd gotten in touch, when I asked him psn account jacking method start documenting everything. They also made vague allusions to his wife and child. The hijacker, it seems, used these scant details to infer he worked at Earthlink, and had a family worth threatening.


This was actually comforting to Justin. There was no family to be threatened. Accessed a website that could do more psn account jacking method href="https://tovar-id.ru/account/how-to-create-coinbase-account.html">click damage than his lowly PSN account?

Who, then, was disabling two-factor on his account?

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A key piece of evidence to consider: Sony had told him someone had called about his PSN account a whopping 12 times psn account jacking method the past 48 hours.

A few of those were Justin, but the vast majority of calls were someone else.

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I hope he's not calling up and getting it done in 10 minutes. This would explain psn account jacking method volume of phone calls. Though Sony asked Justin a series of personal questions to re-establish identity—the primary email address on the account, serial number of his first console, first city he logged in from—they also asked psn account jacking method details, like recent purchases, that could be found by punching in the account into any number of websites and seeing what trophies had recently unlocked.

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Instead, they said it—an account Justin has had for more than 12 years, with a history of trophies and purchases—was gone. There was nothing he could do, no process to appeal, no way to get any of his games back. If the person who stole it psn account jacking method also locked out that is one thing, but I couldn't get a concrete answer on that piece of info.

When I contacted the first person, who had open direct messages, they pleaded ignorance, and repeatedly claimed it was their account. Not long after, they locked their account—and deleted the screen shot.

Psn account jacking method

If you dont know then you dont. He agrees to add me as a friend on PSN, and after registering a new account, Psn account jacking method send a request. A screen psn account jacking method from a burner PSN account I made. The avatar is the same as the one referenced in the screenshot from Twitter a few weeks back.

This is when I click the following article to negotiate.

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No negotiation. Nor has anyone else.

Psn account jacking method

More than likely, Sony itself is a victim of a clever social engineering scheme, in which a user, or series of users, repeatedly spammed their representatives, until it found someone willing to accept the limited information they did have, and calculated the system would eventually lock the account in their favor.

Even a "failed" psn account jacking method engineering attempt can be a success, if the person calling comes away with new information about the account.

Psn account jacking method

Every company in the world can fall victim to social engineering, as there are no true fail safes. Why can a user flip off two-factor authentication over the phone? There are ways Sony could have prevented this from happening.

As I mentioned before, Sony did not respond to my request for comment about this story.

Psn account jacking method

PSN has a long, troubled history of putting their users in compromising situations. In this case, Sony most definitely did not—at first, anyway.

Psn account jacking method week after Sony told Psn account jacking method he was screwed, he was magically being handed the account.

Psn account jacking method

The seller even purchased some new games. Justin was also given a specific phone number to call in the future, if he has new problems. They demurred, accused me of trying to waste their time fact check: trueand asked for their money. They'll have to keep waiting.

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