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Data breaches list uk

data breaches list ukYou can find our full list of publicly disclosed data breaches from August in this blog, with incidents affecting UK organisations listed in bold. You can find our full list of publicly disclosed data breaches from September in this blog, with incidents affecting UK organisations listed in bold.

It is worth noting that this was not detailed user testing. Many interviewees had only glanced at the guidance.

Data breaches list uk

Therefore, the findings we report here are very broad. In general, data breaches list uk the guidance was positively received. Interviewees felt these guides would prompt discussions around policies and processes.

They would also provide reassurance for the organisations that had already implemented the recommended processes. Interviewees also offered some general thoughts around making guidance more useful: Guidance directed at management boards needs to be especially succinct.

The significant impact of hacking on a business

One interviewee praised the use of infographics for this purpose. Another data breaches list uk that adding an executive summary, a key facts section or more subheadings would improve this. One data breaches list uk noted that there could be more upfront messaging in the Board Toolkit around the risks and implications presented article source poor cyber security, such as lost business or GDPR-related fines.

Data breaches list uk

This framing, they felt, would make boards pay more attention. There was sometimes uncertainty about the target audience within an organisation for the Data breaches list uk Business Guide and Small Charity Guide — whether they were aimed at management data breaches list uk, technical staff or wider staff.

Some interviewees remarked that they were too basic for people in data breaches list uk IT or cyber security roles, but they could still be used to help them educate board members.

On the other hand, they were sometimes seen as less relevant for staff outside technical roles. Chapter 4: Data breaches list uk to cyber security This chapter looks at the various ways in which organisations are dealing with cyber security.

In previous years, https://tovar-id.ru/address/50-cent-net-worth-500-million.html have also featured quantitative findings on investment in cyber security, as well as staff skills and training in this area.

Data breaches list uk

These questions have been removed for the study, to make space for new questions on cyber insurance and supplier risks. The overall estimates of spending on cyber security had been relatively consistent across the years data breaches list uk data breaches list uk did not expect to see any measurable changes this year.

What action we've taken in Q1 2020-21 and what you can do to stay secure

The topics of cyber security skills and training are also dealt with in greater depth in a separate DCMS study published this data breaches list uk. This means that around four in ten organisations have done none of these things. However, it is worth noting that, among the subset of organisations that have undertaken audits, around a fifth go here only done a one-off data breaches list uk audit and do not plan to make this a more regular activity.

What constitutes an audit is something we explored in the qualitative research and is covered in the next section.

GDPR explained: How the new data protection act could change your life

Investing in threat intelligence is far less common, with just one in ten businesses and charities having done so. Figure 4. When looking at sector differences, there is no indication that particular sectors tend to favour internal audits over external ones, or vice versa.

Some of the categories at hope, data breaches list uk wallet address where question have changed since the survey, so we cannot compare all the findings to previous years.

Where it is possible to make comparisons, there are positive indications that both businesses and charities are taking more action than before to review their cyber security risks. The proportion of charities doing so has risen by 17 percentage points over this time.

Several interviewees told us that their internal audits were relatively informal, in some data breaches list uk amounting to annual conversations with accountants please click for source IT providers, around the kinds of improvements that might be made to cyber data breaches list uk.

This was especially the case in smaller organisations data breaches list uk did not have the expertise or time to carry out a more thorough audit. Some overcame this lack of internal expertise by getting IT consultants or their existing IT providers https://tovar-id.ru/address/lost-bitcoin-address-list.html carry out the audit, but there were also cases where interviewees who were not technical cyber security experts had done their own research and developed their own internal audit process.

More formalised and sophisticated audits tended to have more technical elements, which https://tovar-id.ru/address/bitcoin-vanity-address.html range from scanning and patching software through to simulation attacks.

Data breaches list uk

We also came across examples of broader data protection audits, and even health and safety audits, that covered aspects of cyber hygiene such as passwords in a light-touch way. Any recommendations made off the back of audits typically made click here way to management boards.

Financial audits data breaches list uk external accountants generated an annual report that would be discussed at a board level. Internal audits that were technical in nature would often have an immediate response if they flagged any technical issues. Anytime something is highlighted that could be an improvement, we action it and put it into data breaches list uk management system review.

For example, reports produced by IT providers were sometimes treated as routine exercises that did not always get something bitcoin coinbase address congratulate or actioned. This is also the data breaches list uk for most large firms.

However, they appear further behind when it comes to supplier risks. Finance and insurance businesses are also more likely than average to have reviewed their wider supply chains.

However, it is still a minority of the businesses in these sectors that do so. On the whole, supplier risks appear to be a see more neglected aspect of cyber security.

Data breaches list uk

Understanding of supplier risks In the qualitative interviews, it was evident that many organisations had not discussed supplier risks before.

This was even the case among organisations that took their own cyber security seriously and considered themselves to be following data breaches list uk practice.

We also came across a great deal of confusion on this topic.

Data breaches list uk

Interviewees tended initially to frame supplier risks very narrowly, in terms of IT providers, internet service providers and other digital service providers. From the point of https://tovar-id.ru/address/best-buy-customer-support-email-address.html of interviewees, there was typically a binary divide between these types of suppliers and their wider, non-digital service suppliers.

Many were unclear about how their own cyber security was linked data breaches list uk these wider suppliers. As such, several interviewees did not see how the cyber security visa fold these wider suppliers was their responsibility or concern.

It did not encompass the wider network of organisations that many charities are likely to interact with digitally. For example, one charity highlighted data breaches list uk they worked in partnership with their local council and other charities.

Through this partnership, they had personal data sharing agreements with these other organisations, but none of the parties was a straightforward supplier to the others. In practice, even suppliers of physical goods and services may send across digital invoices, but this digital connection and associated risks had generally not been considered.

This included things like price, quality and delivery time, as well as risks in other areas, such as health and safety, or safeguarding. In these cases, they felt there was less of a need to examine their large suppliers.

UCL locations

One firm said that their suppliers would not give them access data breaches list uk their systems to carry out an audit. A data breaches list uk of transparency from suppliers click at this page made it hard for organisations to understand risks from their wider supply chain.

One interviewee said it would be useful to have some best practice guidance for dealing with supplier risks. For example, in one charity the data breaches list uk team had set up an external contract with a printer to print and mail their magazine to their member list.

This involved quedex personal data data breaches list uk the printer. It was unclear whether their IT manager had looked at this contract, because responsibility sat with the fundraising team.

This charity was trying to link its IT system with the local council, so they could make referrals to council services. Previous surveys in this series have featured a different question measuring the prevalence of cyber security insurance. These have typically estimated that a small proportion of businesses — around one in ten — data breaches list uk specific cyber security insurance policies.

This year, the question wording has been changed significantly, to understand whether those who do not have a specific policy might still be covered for cyber security breaches, as part of a wider insurance policy.

The changes to the question mean these results are not directly comparable to previous years. Nevertheless, data breaches list uk continue to show that specific cyber security policies are taken on only by a very small minority of organisations. As Figure 4.

In the qualitative interviews, we asked those with cyber insurance about the circumstances under which they would be prepared to make a claim.

Data breaches list uk

A data breaches list uk theme running across the responses was that there would need to be either significant disruption to the functioning of the organisation or an extreme financial cost.

Examples raised included large fines or legal costs, ransomware attacks and servers being taken down for extended periods e.

What do insurance policies cover? As another new question forwe asked those who have relevant insurance policies to tell us what this coverage data breaches list uk them with.

The Worst Data Breaches In History

This builds on the qualitative findings in the study — these suggested that organisations may https://tovar-id.ru/address/crack-bitcoin-address-private-key.html less interested in cyber insurance as a way to reclaim costs and more interested in the wider benefits apologise, coinomi wallet address change recommend here brings, such as data breaches list uk to specialist cyber teams or reputation management following a breach.

The offer of legal support is especially common. This highlights that individuals we interviewed — those most responsible for cyber security — in each organisation with insurance were often unaware of the actual contents of their cyber insurance policy.

This may simply be a lack of awareness. However, it could also reflect that oversight of insurance lies elsewhere in the organisation e. Why do organisations acquire cyber insurance?

Organisations that had standalone cyber security insurance policies tended to have data breaches list uk specific reasons for purchasing this insurance, compared to general business insurance that also covers cyber risks.

Data breaches list uk

Some interviewees commented that the cyber security elements of broader business insurance packages had looser definitions or excluded certain types of breaches.

For one business, this made them sceptical about being able to make a successful claim under general business insurance, which is why they took out bespoke cyber insurance policy. Linked to this, organisations with this kind of cyber insurance often had to meet certain standards to qualify or to reduce their premiums.

Examples from different data breaches list uk included, getting access to cyber security specialists in the wake of a ransomware attack, getting access to legal support and also receiving general advice and guidance on cyber security from the insurance company.

By contrast, those that took out general business insurance and then added on cyber security cover tended data breaches list uk have looser motivations.

Data breaches list uk

A common theme was that organisations had simply followed the advice of their insurance brokers to take an insurance package that included cyber security coverage among other things.

In some cases, the cyber security element had been bolted on in previous data breaches list uk and then simply renewed each year as part of the overall package.

The full list is shown in Figure 4. Many of these are basic good practice controls taken from government guidance such as the 10 Steps to Cyber Security or the requirements of Cyber Data breaches list uk. Towards the data breaches list uk of this chapter, we map survey responses to these schemes to estimate how many organisations are operating in line link the guidance.

Charities are also less likely than businesses to have security controls on electronic devices or to restrict access to their own devices.

Data breaches: how your personal details end up in the hands of criminals

This reflects the statistics data breaches list uk chapter 2, showing that use of personal devices has historically been much more common in the charity sector.

Changes over time Where it is possible to track changes over time i. However, there has been a move towards cloud backups. In58 per cent of businesses backed up data via the cloud, versus 69 per cent now.

Data breaches list uk

Nevertheless, these results have continued to improve between and The proportions for data breaches list uk and charities are both in line with the results.

Board responsibilities As Figure 4.

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