- 05.02.2020

Koinex ripple wallet address

koinex ripple wallet addressRipple(XRP), Stellar(XLM) to withdraw your crypto safely, you don't need the wallet address of Koinex or the wallet where you already have your coins stored. Koinex | Buy, Sell and Trade Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Tron (​TRX), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and other cryptocurrencies at best price in India.

Koinex ripple wallet address

As was the case with Zebpay and CoindeltaKoinex has cited the increasing operational difficulty on account of the RBI cryptocurrency ban which blocked access to bank accounts, as reason for the shutdown. The exchange trading services will be permanently disabled on Koinex at 2.

Koinex ripple wallet address

The exchange will cancel all open koinex ripple wallet address xlm address this deadline and the funds will be returned to the corresponding user wallets. A snapshot of the wallet balances at this time will be taken for record, and INR balances will be disbursed to user accounts within the next five weeks after levying a convenience fee between Rsdepending on the INR wallet balance.

Koinex ripple wallet address

Koinex ripple wallet address will need to withdraw their assets from the platform before 9.

We took on immense financial burden to continue trading of digital assets and allow law-abiding Indians koinex ripple wallet address participate in the decentralized revolution that has swept across the globe. Multiple delays by the government agencies in clarifying the regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies despite koinex ripple wallet address pending writ petition in the Supreme Court of India, coupled with regular disruption in our operations, the final decision has been taken after duly considering all the latest developments in the crypto and blockchain industry in India.

Koinex ripple wallet address

Rahul Raj, CEO of Koinex in his blog post On a rather ominous note, the exchange stated that it is not too koinex ripple wallet address about the state of cryptocurrency regulations.

Koinex had also been facing koinex ripple wallet address in payment services koinex ripple wallet address payment gateways and bank accounts, even for non-trading activities such koinex ripple wallet address payment of salaries, purchase of equipment and other tasks because of association with cryptocurrencies.

Image Credit: Koinex Blog.

Koinex ripple wallet address

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