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Stratum pool drop lp

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The mean stratum pool drop lp variate scores showing dispersion and the formation of groups of different soil, area, and stratum combinations are shown in figure 1.

With stratum pool drop lp exception NCJurthis division separated the two soil types. This higher C input to the soil was probably due to the growth of grasses, which have short life cycles and contribute to a significant increase in the C content, especially due to the decomposition of fine roots Martins et al.

Regarding the biological soil activities, a positive effect was observed for stratum pool drop lp properties i. Under the studied conditions, there stratum pool drop lp a constant supply of decomposing organic continue reading, which keeps the soil covered, with lower temperature variation and moisture levels that are more adequate.

The higher content of microbial biomass was positively related to CO2 release. Basal respiration was directly related to the quantity of the soil organic carbon, which was higher under these conditions, and was stratum pool drop lp related to the MBC. The type of use found in the preserved Caatinga, even though it has not undergone anthropic interference in the last twenty years, also showed a stability of aggregates similar to the other areas studied, but with a lower soil density.

Variation in the different parameters measured was not very high despite the different situations studied. According to the canonical analysis, the CAN1 stratum pool drop lp type was the most important factor for the differentiation of the two main groups.

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